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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Topical issues

28 February 2018

Uzbekistan-Initiated Draft Resolution presented at the United Nations

A number of principal initiatives within the United Nations were voiced by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in September 2017 while speaking at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly.

Among other pressing issues outlined, the head of our state recommended that the UN adopt a special resolution entitled “Building up regional and international cooperation to secure peace, stability and sustainable development in Central Asia”.

Thus, Uzbekistan’s permanent mission to the United Nations in New York has drafted the text of the resolution in cooperation with experts from the organization.

About the launch of the initiative to promote such a document was officially announced on 23 February during a roundtable discussion at the UN headquarters.

Elaborated on the basis of outcomes of the November 2017 Samarkand International Conference “Central Asia: One Past and a Common Future, Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Universal Prosperity”, the preliminary sketch of the resolution was circulated among participants of the event in the Big Apple who included Assistant Secretary-General Cihan Sultanoğlu, UN experts, ambassadors and senior diplomats of member nations of the organization.

Participants of the panel discussion were provided with detailed information on the background and about the need to work out a universal resolution. It was underscored in particular that owing to Uzbekistan’s targeted and steadfast policy, an unprecedented extent of interaction has been conspicuous in Central Asia for over the past two years. The frequency of bilateral contacts at the highest and high levels is suggestive of this. Also telling is the quality of communication.

The speakers at the occasion stressed the magnitude of support – by all countries of the region – for President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s proposal to get the heads of state of these nations convene for regular consultative meetings.

Particular emphasis was placed on the new approach of the regional countries to their relations with Afghanistan regarded now as an equal trade and economic partner. In this context, the roundtable discussion participants deliberated on the importance of the Afghan President’s historic visit to Uzbekistan last year and the agreement to set up a new format for the Central Asia + Afghanistan consultations. The scheme would serve to discuss a wide range of regional issues and formulate joint measures to ensure peace and sustainable development.

Chiefs and representatives of delegations from all countries of Central Asia, as well as Afghanistan, Russia, India, Germany, EU, Iran, Norway, Romania, Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia delivered speeches at the panel in New York. The diplomats of the Central Asian nations were unanimous in their expression of full support for Uzbekistan’s initiative and manifested their willingness for furthering the joint efforts to advance the resolution.

Those present at the event stressed the timeliness of the document and conveyed gratitude to our country’s representatives for the idea to address the topic within the framework of the UN General Assembly.

Thus, the European Union’s Ambassador to the UN, Joao Vale de Almeida, noted in particular:

- Of late, what we’ve been witnessing is the steady dynamics of cooperation between and among the nations of Central Asia, a process that the European Union welcomes and wholeheartedly supports, including through the implementation of its Strategy towards the region.

We believe the region-wide interaction constitutes a solid platform for economic prosperity, which in its turn contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability in Central Asia.

J.Schultz, deputy ambassador of Germany to the United Nations:

- The Federal Republic is positive about Uzbekistan’s initiative to work out a special resolution of the UN General Assembly on Central Asia. We believe the time has come when the international community needs to pay closer attention to the encouraging changes taking place in that part of the world.

Given the numerous and complex problems faced by the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan, we are particularly pleased with the provisions of the draft document aimed at bringing the states of the region closer to Afghanistan, delivering a new cooperation discourse in the corresponding format to discuss a wide spectrum of regional issues, along with the elaboration of joint measures in the interests of peace and sustainable development.

F. Sinirlioglu, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN:

- As the heart of Eurasia, Central Asia wields a special significance for the world community. We welcome the results of the November 2017 Samarkand international conference on security and sustainable development in the region, when the decision came to develop and promote a pertinent UN resolution.

Today, a new cooperation format is emerging in Central Asia in across an entire spectrum of regional issues, including within the framework of the UN. The presentation of this draft resolution is a clear indication of such a high dynamics of interaction.

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