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18 July 2014

A Grand Triumph of Grain Farmers

The grain farmers of Uzbekistan have harvested more than 8 million 50 thousand tons of grain and over-fulfilled the yearly contractual commitments. This remarkable hirman (yield) has come to be a worthwhile gift for the 23rd anniversary of the independence of our Motherland.

From time immemorial, the wellbeing of households has been defined by the harvest of wheat. The abundance of grain is a sign of welfare, confidence in the future days.

As a result of the cardinal reforms spearheaded under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in the agricultural sector, Uzbekistan has joined the ranks of grain exporting nations. Owing to the establishment of market relations in agriculture, perfection of agricultural technologies, extensive opportunities created for the farmer movement, the transformation in the world outlook of dehkans (farmers), the change in their attitude to labor, the grain hirman of our country has been gaining in weight and height from one year to another.

Today, the farmers feel themselves as genuine owners, true landlords. It is exactly they, first and foremost, who are interested in the outcomes of their taxing labor and endeavors and in husbanding a rich harvest. This urges them to work with even more energy and responsibility and steadily uplift the level of crop yield.

On average 55 metric quintals of grain from a hectare has been harvested this year around. In advanced farmer enterprises, this indicator has exceeded 90 centners. Given the fact that in 1991 the average crop capacity used to make 17 quintals and 940 thousand tons of grain crops was gathered in total, it becomes obvious how high the growth has been secured in independence years.

No single season has proved graceful for farmers. This year, as well, our grain cultivators have had to endure and overcome unfavorable weather and climatic conditions. Thanks to the timely adopted measures and the effective modern agricultural technologies, our experienced farmers have grown an abundant yield.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources Management, soil and climatic peculiarities of each region are taken into account when selecting sorts and species, agricultural technologies of nurturing grain crops on irrigated lands are refined, thus resulting in the ever mounting quality and consumer properties of wheat. A particular attention is paid to the creation of high-productivity and disease-proof sorts. Notably, created by our scientists, the more than ten domestic species like Chillaki, Durdona, Andijan-2, Andijan-4, Babur, Asr, Turkistan facilitate even more growth of crop productivity.

All this has been allowing for a comprehensive provision of the population with bread and bakery products in wide range. In addition, it will positively influence the evolution in breeding of livestock poultry and other industries, the increase in the production volumes of such food products as meat, milk, and eggs.

Given the diversity of developments currently taking place around the world, the significance of these figures and indicators becomes even more telling. After all, grave problems in food industry have been emerging in some countries, including in grain growing. Deficit of grain has been an issue of concern, too.

Abundance and affluence have reigned in our nation, and the accessibility of food products has been secured. This is the result of the steadfast reforms undertaken to boost the agricultural sphere, promote the farmer movement, expand the fields of food crops, create quality sorts of wheat, bolster the productivity of grain crops, and introduce cutting-edge agricultural technologies.

Today, our grain farmers interested in the positive outcomes of their labor, have continued their efforts to harvest the yield to the last spikelet and without losses, to clear the fields from straw and ensure their timely tillage.

Author: UzA
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