Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

2016 year - The year of healthy mother and child

1 August 2016
Happy Families and Children

On the implementation of the national program The Year of Mother and Child Health has already spent more than 4.4 trillion soums

7 June 2016
Under Reliable Protection

A whopping 7.5 trillion soums and $194 million is the cost of ‘The Year of Healthy Mother and Child’ national program, this year’s body of measures to protect children’s interests

14 April 2016
Top Priority in Uzbekistan: Healthy Generation

Doctors point out the improving health of the population and predict further growth of the indicators

30 December 2015
Highlights of the New Year

Special attention will be paid to creation of a healthy spiritual environment in the families within the State program “The year of healthy mother and child”