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Fax: +(998 71) 239-15-17

E-mail: info@tiv.uz

Consular Department

(+998 71) 233-73-40, 236-27-07 (visa issues)

(+998 71) 232-17-30, 233-36-03 (issues of citizenship, legalization and legal assistance)

(+998 71) 236-37-54 (passport office)

(+998 71) 233-35-58 (Work with consular institutions)

E-mail: consul@mfa.uz


Consular service
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Topical issues

The Strategy of Actions on Further Development of Uzbekistan

21 August 2017
Constructive Suggestions Taken into Account

At the meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis it was considered a number of draft laws within the framework of the realization of the Strategy for Actions

18 August 2017
Strategy of Actions: Results and Prospects

The President of Uzbekistan has determined the measures for the further realization of the Strategy of Actions

23 May 2017
Uzbekistan: Investments, Innovations and Competent Approach

Building of domestic production base for agricultural engineering ranks among the key areas of the economic block of the Actions Strategy

17 May 2017
Uzbekistan: In Line With International Standards

A radical reformation of the standardization and certification system is called to make the promotion of domestic products in foreign markets effective

12 May 2017
Strategic sector of the economy

What measures are undertaken to make share of tourism in GDP of the country much more than two percent?

6 May 2017
Essential Step toward Increasing Transparency

The second session of the International Press Club was conducted dedicated the activities of the internal affairs bodies