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Topical issues

11 March 2020

Address by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the Event Dedicated to the International Women’s Day

Assalamu-alaykum, dear mothers!

Esteemed sisters!

My daughters!

Above all, from the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you, all women of Uzbekistan on the wonderful holiday of March 8.

I express to all of you my most sincere and cordial feelings, and wish you be always revered and respected by your families and kin, as well as our entire nation.

Dear compatriots!

From the beginning of time, humanity has been glorifying and honoring the image of holy Mother, Woman. The life-giving motherly love inspires us to great accomplishments. We strive to turn our native land into a splendid blossoming country.

Thanks to the prayers of mothers, diligence of our women peace is strengthening in our country, our daily work is bearing results and our life is illuminated by the light of kindness and fills with deeper meaning.

As it is well-known, one of the biggest surahs (chapters) in the Holy Quran is “Nisa” (“Women”). In this chapter the Almighty Allah bestows to treat women justly. Certainly, there is a great meaning and deep wisdom in these divine words.

As you are aware, the level of cultural awareness and spirituality of any society depends primarily on the intellectual and spiritual development of women. As history shows, loving mothers and wise women played an important role in the development of many great figures.

In recent years, ensuring the rights and interests of women, gender equality, protection of family, motherhood and childhood, development of entrepreneurship among women, creating new jobs for them, improving their working and living conditions became a priority of public policy.

Today, seeing your smiles and joy in your eyes, we become confident that our activity in this direction starts to bear its first results.

We will mobilize all our strength and capabilities to continue this noble work and further increase its effectiveness.

Dear friends!

Today, as a result of our wide-ranging democratic reforms, women’s participation in political and social processes is growing. This was once again confirmed by the elections to the parliament and local councils held in our country in December last year.

As a result of the elections, 48 out of 150 deputies or 32 percent of those elected to the Legislative Chamber are women.

In the Senate, this figure reached nearly 25 percent, while in local councils it has exceeded 25 percent.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan the number of women in the national parliament has reached the level recommended by the United Nations in terms of representation in the national parliament.

The country’s parliament climbed to the 37th place out of 190 national parliaments in the world in terms of the number of women deputies, while, please pay attention to this, five years ago we were the 128th in this ranking.

Currently, over 1,380 women work in leading positions in the system of state and public organizations.

It is pleasant to note that 16 of our distinguished women received the highest award of our Motherland - the Hero of Uzbekistan.

There are many doctors of science, professors and academicians among women, hundreds of them were awarded the title of “People’s Teacher”, “People’s Poet” and the “People’s Artist”.

We highly value a commendable contribution of women in the development of production, education, medicine, science, culture and sports.

As you are well aware, for the first time in the history of national parliament, a woman, distinguished Tanzila Kamalovna Narbaeva was elected as Chairperson of the Senate.

The number of women-ministers, mayors, heads of production associations, banks and companies, high-level officials of law enforcement bodies and officers of the Armed Forces is growing in the country.

Recently, commendable, initiative-driven and women with organizational skills were appointed to key positions – as mayors of districts and cities.

Thus, Sadbarkhon Mamitova became the head of Bustan district of Andijan region, Nargiza Nematova – became the head of Alat district of Bukhara region, Zulaykho Makhkamova – became the head of Turakurgan district of Namangan region, Gavkhar Alimova – became the head of Kattakurgan city of Samarkand region, Dilfuza Uralova – became the head of Bayavut district of Syrdarya region, Makhsuda Mustafaeva – became the head of Karshi district of Kashkadarya region.

These women who enjoy profound respect and trust of the people are present in this ceremony.

Allow me to sincerely congratulate them and wish the best of luck in their endeavors.

Dear friends!

We are pleased with the growing number of women in our country who take the lead in their social activeness and kind work.

The noble deed of entrepreneur Izrabu Usmanova from Rishtan city of Ferghana region has recently received wide media coverage. She has donated all her money that she saved for several years to make the Hajj pilgrimage to the people in need.

A wonderful woman by the name Gavkhar Khasanova, deputy of the local Council lives in the makhalla of “Uzbekistan” in Saykhunabad district of Syrdarya region.

Her mother-in-law Gulbakhor aya collected thousands of books during her career as a teacher.

Having added a lot more books to this collection, Gavkhar built a big library for the people of the village at her expense and named the library “Mumtaz”.

The media recently reported that Aziza Shonazarova, a talented young scientist from Uzbekistan, became professor at the prestigious Columbia University in the United States.

Azizakhon, who grew up in the Korakamish district of Tashkent and studied at our own Institute of Oriental Studies and later at Polish and U.S. universities, is a doctor of history and religious studies at the age of 32, having been selected from among more than 500 applicants.

She is a worthy model for our youth of our country – she has a strong family, fluently speaks Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Russian, English, French, Deutsch, Polish languages and is achieving high results in science.

To share our joy, Aziza Shonazarova flew in yesterday from distant America and is attending today our ceremony.

Let us sincerely congratulate her and wish her new accomplishments.

We are pleased to see at our solemn ceremony the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China Jiang Yan, of the Arab Republic of Egypt Amani Eletr, the UN Resident-Coordinator Helena Fraser, the UNDP Permanent Representative Matilda Dimowska, the head of World Health Organization’s Office in Uzbekistan Lian Kuppens, the head of regional office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Central Asia Sangita Kyonig and the head of the Asian Development Bank’s Office in Uzbekistan Synthia Malvicini.

Allow me to congratulate these esteemed guests, who are making a significant contribution to the development of effective cooperation with our country, on the International Women’s Day and express them our kindest wishes.

Dear participants of the ceremony!

An extensive work was carried out last year in our country to provide comprehensive support for women and improving their life. Some 170 thousand jobs were created for women. Commercial banks and the Social Fund for the Support of Women allocated a total of 4.9 trillion soums of loans to over 172 thousand women.

The female entrepreneurship centers were established in all regions of the country.

To date, they provide practical assistance to approximately 28,000 women in entrepreneurship, crafts, retraining and employment.

In addition, 21,500 women have been trained in short-term vocational courses in five key initiatives.

Thanks to these opportunities, the number of women entrepreneurs reached around 45,000 who subsequently created thousands of new jobs.

In our country, significant efforts are being made to strengthen the institution of family, its social and spiritual environment, which is considered as the basis of society.

In particular, the state and public bodies are making significant progress in resolving disputes and conflicts in families and reducing the number of family divorces.

It should be noted positively that these achievements are the initial steps and we still have a lot to do in this area.

Certainly, life is not without trials and tribulations. However, not being able to withstand the slightest difficulty, destruction of the sacred family and allowing for divorce should be considered as incompatible with our national customs, our kind and well-mannered people.

After all, if any family is in a state of turmoil, innocent children become orphaned by mutual conflicts and the people in need of help and support are left alone. We must all fight against it.

Currently, our programs on providing quality medical care to women and improving their health are yielding their results.

In particular, the maternal and infant mortality rates have significantly decreased in 2019 as a result of efforts to protect maternal and child health.

There is also a systematic work in dealing with women's appeals.

It should be noted that in 2019 more than 141,500 women were received by the staff of various responsible agencies and most of the issues raised by them were resolved positively.

Over the past period, rehabilitation and adaptation centers for victims of violence as well as suicide prevention centers have been established at 197 districts across the country.

Today, women’s organizations are taking an active part in the processes of pardoning women who have unintentionally found themselves in crimes as well as returning them to a normal healthy life.

As a result, 261 women were released from courtrooms under the guarantee of these organizations which is a model of humanity that is unique to our people.

As a logical continuation of our work, the other day I have signed another decree on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

According to the document, 83 women, who are serving prison sentences, sincerely repented for their actions and persisted in recovery, have been pardoned.

The relevant ministries and agencies are working to help these pardoned women to adapt to social life, engage in productive work, lead a healthy life and gain a worthy place in society.

I believe that all state and non-governmental organizations as well as the general public will actively participate in this process.

Dear compatriots!

As all of you know, a number of topical tasks to further ensure the rights and interests of our people, including women, were identified in the Address to the Oliy Majlis this January.

The large-scale work is currently underway on their implementation. In particular, a special decree and act of the President have been adopted to enhance the effectiveness of state policies to ensure the rights and interests of women.

The Ministry of Makhalla and Family Support was established to develop and implement a unified state policy in the field of family, women and the elderly, protection of their rights and interests, and strengthen cooperation with civil self-governance bodies.

It is an open secret that in the past, there were many demands on makhallas (neighborhood communities) and women’s offices. However and unfortunately, they lacked capacity and authority to implement the set tasks.

Today, it is impossible to imagine the interests of women in separate from the interests of family, community and society.

The main task of the new ministry is to address these issues and raise the state policy to a higher level.

Taking into account the great role and importance of makhallas in the life of our country, March 22 is marked as the Day of employees of the makhalla system.

And this is the first time we celebrate this holiday widely during Navruz.

How do you like this idea?

Dear friends!

Each parent wants his child to be healthy and harmoniously developed, aware of modern knowledge and skills and take a decent place in society.

You are well aware that in order to achieve these noble goals, unprecedented reforms are being carried out in the sphere of education in our country.

In particular, this year we are making the practical steps to increase the number of kindergartens – the cornerstones of our education.

I want to draw your attention to the following example.

If in the first quarter of last year the country had more than 9,700 kindergartens, today there are 14 thousand 50 of them and it means growth to 4 thousand 350.

Thanks to these efforts we will increase the coverage of children with preschool education this year from the current 54 percent to 60 percent

As a result, the total number of children in kindergartens will make up 400,000 and reach in total 1 million 800 thousand.

We certainly have done a great job in this area. However, we are not satisfied with these figures.

Since, we have set the bar high for ourselves in this issue. There is a lot of meaning behind this.

Indeed, upbringing can have a positive impact not only on the child, but also on his/her parents, and on the whole society.

A woman who sees her child is in an appropriate environment in kindergarten will live in the atmosphere of calm and satisfaction herself.

The development of school education in our country is becoming a nationwide movement.

Nowadays, we are working on the new “Modern School” Program. We have also already started a great job to radically improve the teacher training system.

In this regard, we are paying special attention to upbringing of girls at all levels of education.

Schools named after our great thinkers and famous writers, alongside with our Presidential Schools are providing excellent opportunities for these young people, our girls who are interested in science and art.

Certainly, the state and society will do their best for the protection of our young girls, their proper upbringing, preparation for an independent life, raising children for our nation.

However, the role and influence of the family, our loving grandmothers, mothers and active women in the neighborhood cannot be overlooked in this important task.

At this point, with your permission, I would like to read two lines from a poem of our famous poet Muhammad Yusuf:

The house with a girl is a venue of blessing,

The path of Heaven is the path along with a girl!

Look, what a very deep meaning and true statement!

In this regard, I would like to address to our dear beloved women and sisters, who are present here today and listening to me:

Our country and people will be grateful to you for taking care of our beautiful girls like a flower to rise them up with sound education, including beautiful virtue, knowledge and manners with high responsibility.

I am confident that the Ministry of Makhalla and Family Support, distinguished veterans who have created this school of a tutor – apprentice and all of the diligent women of Uzbekistan will support this initiative. I hope that they will make a profound contribution to this uneasy, but rather important and noble cause as upbringing and education of girls.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to address to you yet with another proposal: starting next year on the eve of March 8 let us award with state decorations two most deserving representatives of this sphere from each region of the country.

Dear participants of the event!

One of the most difficult problems for many years in terms of education was a limited quota admission to higher education institutions.

For example, 2-3 years ago, the enrollment rate for higher education institutions was 60-70 thousand people, in other words 9 percent of school graduates.

Therefore, we have started serious reforms in this sphere. Last year, for the first time in our history, 150 thousand of young people were enrolled as students.

As a result, we have increased our enrolment rate by more than 20 percent.

Certainly, these things are not being realized easily.

For this purpose to strengthen the existing material and technical, educational and methodological base; expand the network of universities, teaching and researcher staff; improve their professional skills requires mobilizing enormous efforts, financial resources and capacities.

However, no matter how difficult it may be, we will certainly do it for the sake of our children and for our future. In 2020 we will increase this figure at least to 25 percent, and in the future to 50-60 percent.

In order to improve the scientific and cultural level of women, provide them with decent jobs, the special admission quotas will be introduced to our higher education institutions for them this year.

This is also our first experience in our history.

Since, educated women have wise, proactive and methodological attitude to their families, their job and society as a whole.

Therefore, if we want to raise our children as healthy and decent people, loyal to our country, we must open up the scientific and professional paths for women first.

If we want to grow up Khorazmiys, Ferghaniys, Beruniys, Bukhariys, Ulugbeks and Navoiys in the future, we should first bring up sound, highly educated and spiritual-minded mothers.

We have declared this year as the Year of Development of Science, Education and Digital Economy in the country and we have adopted the State Program.

While designing this Program, first of all, we took into consideration the wishes and needs of our dear mothers and sisters.

Along with our entire nation, we rely on your knowledge and experience, as well as your cultural and educational potential, in carrying out our ambitious tasks in this regard.

Our women know better than anyone else the problems of life, acute needs of families and neighborhoods and the ways to overcome them.

They are exemplary in their kindness, sense of responsibility and diligence.

We will continue our work to entrust our esteemed sisters with deep knowledge and skills in public administration, ministries and agencies.

This issue shall be under personal supervision of the President.

Dear sisters!

As you know, poverty reduction is a priority task in our country and large-scale measures are being taken in this direction.

We need a clear understanding of the truth: in order to reduce poverty, we must reduce unemployment first.

Above all, it is necessary to educate people on modern professions, increase their economic and financial literacy as well as foster a sense of entrepreneurship.

Additionally, we are observing and learning in detail available experience of the international community and establishing international cooperation in this field.

At present, in cooperation with such high-profile international organizations as the United Nations and the World Bank, as well as the People’s Republic of China along with other countries, we intend to implement 700 million dollars programs to develop entrepreneurial and private businesses and fight against poverty.

Nowadays, the Republican Working Group led by the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan is conducting a detailed analysis of women’s situation living in locations with difficult state.

The programs developed by the Working Group to ensure the rights and interests of women living in rural areas and girls, who are going to build their independent life, are sent for implementation.

There are round the clock hotlines or more commonly known as call centers are operating now.

Now, women from all cities and remote villages of the country have an opportunity to contact the center by dialing a short number 12-11.

We consider it as continuation of our work to communicate effectively with people.

Dear participants of the event!

It is not only a professional but also human duty for all leaders, trusted by the people, to create decent working and living conditions for our beautiful mothers and loving sisters, who are blessing and meanings of our lives.

All of us, from the President to ministers and governors, deputies and senators, all leaders must justify such a high duty with tangible and practical results.

Dear sisters!

On this pleasant occasion I would like to express sincere best wishes of all our people:

Thank you very much for your selfless work on building a new Uzbekistan!

Thank you very much for your insight, kindness, patience and willingness to be a role model for all of us and for making a great contribution to preservation of peace and harmony in our beautiful country!

Once again I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and wish all of you peace and sound health. May the greatest happiness in the world - family happiness always be with you!

Dear fellow countrymen!

It is well known that a special attention is accorded in our country to realization of abilities and potential of women as well as pay a due respect to their work.

Particularly, each year 28 talented girls from all over the country are awarded with the State Prize named after our great poet Zulfiya.

Until now the number of awardees reached 311. This year 28 more of our talented children are joining the list of awardees.

I am sure that with their productive work, bright talent and exemplary qualities they will be an example for all their peers.

In these days, 287 of our respected sisters, who are exemplary in the work of protecting motherhood and childhood as well as educating the youth in patriotic spirit, have been awarded the badge of honor «Mo’tabar ayol» (‘Esteemed woman’).

Availing myself of this opportunity, allow me sincerely to congratulate all of them.

There is a good saying in our people: ‘the festivities must be accompanied with worthy gifts’. Therefore, the other day I have signed a special Decree.

On the eve of this anniversary, a group of women were awarded the high ranks and medals for their worthy contribution to the prosperity of Motherland, upbringing healthy and harmoniously developed generation, strengthening the foundations of family and society.

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