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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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21 March 2019

Festive Congratulation by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday

Dear compatriots!

Distinguished guests!

Ladies and gentlemen!

In these wonderful days, when the nature awakens and blossoms, the long-awaited Navruz is arriving in our blessed land.

Today, as always in this remarkable holiday, which for over a span of millennia has been an integral part of our people’s spiritual life, the hearts are being filled with special joy and high feelings.

It is a big honor for me to congratulate from the bottom of my heart all of you gathered in this grandiose palace of «Humo» in the center of our capital city and in your person – the entire multinational people of Uzbekistan on the holiday of Navruz.

I express my enormous respect and kindest wishes to all our compatriots who are in these beautiful days are holding sayyils (public fêtes) dedicated to Navruz in all cities and districts, villages and auls.

Let your life akin the springtime morning be bright, joyful and prosperous!

Let Navruz bring abundance and happiness to each house!

Dear friends!

In this unique and wonderful time all of us are feeling the flush of strength and energy. Time and again we are opening up for ourselves the deep essence of our centuries-long values and traditions. We realize the inheritors of what history and culture we are – with a feeling of pride growing in our hearts.

It is symbolic that this year the grand celebrations dedicated to Navruz are being held in this magnificent palace. Indeed, Humo is a bird-herald of kindness and symbol of happiness, and Navruz is a holiday when the soul levitates, holiday of spring and well-being. Let harmonious combination of these two great symbols – Humo and Navruz – make our life brighter and more meaningful.

Dear compatriots!

It is well-known that Navruz is a new day, the beginning of a new year on lunar calendar.

Today the nature and entire beautiful world surrounding us are entering again the time of revival and renewal.

And our beloved Uzbekistan is now at the new stage of national development.

This is a new epoch of our free and independent life. This is a new and higher level of creativity and well-being.

This is the time, when thanks to the work being accomplished, our noble principle which goes as «The people’s interests come first», is being realized in practice. The new housing apartments and modern enterprises, educational and healthcare, culture and sports facilities now being built, as well as improved villages and towns are multiplying the beauty of our country.

This is the time, when esteem for the elderly, respect towards younger, kindness and mercy, assistance to all of the needy are becoming a norm of life.

This is the period, when the doors of friendship and cooperation with international community, first of all, with neighboring countries are broadly opening up.

This is radically changing new Uzbekistan which is being filled with strength and power and which is gaining more recognition in the world.

Having said that, these are just initial steps along the long and difficult path we chose.

Today our brave and noble people are creating the new epoch with their diligent labor in the glorious history of Homeland.

From the bottom of my heart I bow low with a sonly love before our magnanimous people who are dedicated to their country and confident in their future.

Dear friends!

The life-affirming ideas and humanistic spirit of Navruz are occupying more important place in the system of universal human values. According the United Nations’ decision, March 21 is broadly celebrated around the world as International Day of Navruz.

Taking this opportunity, allow me to congratulate on this wonderful holiday distinguished ambassadors of foreign states, representatives of international organizations, all our guests present in this hall, people of near and far abroad and wish them peace, prosperity and well-being.

Dear compatriots!

Today such sincere words as «Let our each day be as happy as Navruz!» sound all around the country at the public fêtes.

Indeed, thanks to its great power Navruz awakens and renews whole nature, and our large-scale reforms, as much as Navruz, promote renewal of society, qualitatively change the world-view of people and unleash their potential.

All reforms being accomplished in Uzbekistan are aimed at our people so that they must be pleased with their life and each our day must be as Navruz. To accomplish such noble goals we need to tackle very important tasks. Along with our creative people, certainly, we will fulfill the set plans and we will achieve these high frontiers.

At present, our skilful dekhkans and farmers are starting the new agricultural season with big hopes. Let this year be well for all of us and the harvests be abundant. My dear compatriots, let your honest work give worthy results.

Our dear veterans, dear mothers and sisters, sons and daughters!

Time and again, I sincerely and cordially congratulate you on the holiday of Navruz!

Let Navruz bring happiness and prosperity to our beloved Uzbekistan!

Let all our kind hopes and aspirations come true!

Let always peace reign in our country!

Let life of our people be prosperous!

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