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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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9 May 2018

Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the Solemn Ceremony Dedicated to the May 9 – Remembrance and Honors Day

Dear veterans!

Distinguished guests!

Today the May 9 – the Remembrance and Honors Day, the 73rd anniversary of the great Victory in the World War II is broadly commemorated in our native Uzbekistan.

Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you and in your person our multinational people on this bright holiday and I express to all of you my deep respect and kindest wishes.

All of us well understand that it should be tirelessly fought and it needs to always work diligently to ensure peace and tranquility, prosperity and happiness. This is confirmed by your feats at the battlefields, your selfless labor in the home front during the bygone war and your entire life in the whole, which stand for us, above all, young generation of the country as brightest example of bravery, steadfastness and nobility, as well as the love for Homeland.

Allow me on behalf of our people to bow low and express enormous gratitude to you, dear veterans, for our today’s peaceful and prosperous life.

This day we recall all of those by their names who died in the bloody battles for the sake of great Victory and all those who steadily endured the hardships of wartime years.

Along with this, we honor with deep respect the memory of our valiant servicemen who have died in the name of freedom of our independent Motherland, peace and tranquility of people, and we deem it our sacred duty to take care of their families and children.

Dear friends!

Our people will always remember that World War II – the most terrible and bloody war in the history of humanity – has brought many sufferings and deprivations to our people and became a reason for countless sacrifices.

Certainly, one can speak about it for long. Let me make just some examples.

Prior to war 6,5 million people lived in Uzbekistan, of which more than 1 million 500 thousand – 22 percent of entire population were mobilized and went to battlefront, or 40-42 percent of able-bodied population of then Uzbekistan.

Those brave people while defending from fascism their families, our dear Homeland, overcoming wounds and pains, had heroically traversed along the entire path enveloped by fire of war from Moscow to Berlin.

Over 500 thousand Uzbekistan soldiers – every third mobilized one died in the war. More than 60 thousand returned home disabled.

Many families were deprived of their breadwinners, children were orphaned and wives were widowed. It is impossible to speak with words the grief of thousands of mothers who have lost their dear sons.

The fact that more than 120 thousand Uzbekistan nationals were decorated with battle orders and medals, including those 280, who were awarded the ranks of the Hero of Soviet Union and 82 – decorated with orders of “Glory” of all three degrees testify about commendable contribution of our people to the great victory.

And yet during the years of war Uzbekistan has turned into a reliable home front. The industrial enterprises were reoriented to military needs and everything was done to achieve victory.

The women, elderly and teenagers labored diligently alongside workers and engineers in order to establish work at more than one hundred plants and factories evacuated to our country.

During the years of war our people sent to battle front over 2 thousand planes, many other military hardware and supplies, hospital trains, hundreds of field kitchens, enormous number of food supplies, uniforms and other necessary products.

Thanks to funds collected by workers of Uzbekistan tens of military planes, tanks and combat vehicles were assembled.

In 1941-1945 Uzbekistan turned into an all-union hospital. Thousands of soldiers and officers received here necessary treatment and were able to return to battle front and work at home front.

The humanism, mercy and heartily graciousness, which were inherent to our people from of old, have been especially vividly manifested at that very difficult time.

Uzbekistan accepted about 1 million people, including 200 thousand children, who were deprived by war of their shelter, kith and kin.

And today, after decades, it is perceived as a spiritual feat that hundreds of Uzbek families took the evacuated orphaned children for upbringing, shared with them the last piece of bread and warmed them with kindness and warmth of the hearts. Among them there is also a family of the smith from Tashkent Shoakhmad Shomakhmudov.

Bakhri-aya and Shoakhmad-ota took for upbringing 14 children neglected by fate and surrounded them with parental love and care. In this example the entire world learned what high humane qualities belong to our noble and magnanimous people.

Taking into account numerous proposals of our public, we have decided to return the monument to Shoakhmad Shomakhmudov’s family to its previous place in the center of Tashkent.

One of the enlivening streets located nearby was named after his name. Besides, the previous name of metro station, palace of arts and square – Friendship of People, where the monument was located, was returned.

There are solid reasons behind these decisions. At present, the representatives of more than 130 nationalities and ethnicities live as one family in peace and friendship in our country. I am confident that the complex rebuilt in the center of Uzbekistan’s capital city will become a bright symbol of strengthening traditions of tolerance and mutual understanding, graciousness and kindness of our people.

Dear friends!

We note with gratefulness that many scientific works and pieces of art were created dedicated to the bravery and nobility of our people manifested during the World War II.

Along with this, it should be admitted that enormous contribution of the people of Uzbekistan made to the victory over fascism was not fully unveiled yet.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to address to historian scientists, people of literature and art, broad public of our country with a proposal. I believe it is high time to make new and brighter pieces about the exploits of our fathers and forefathers who participated at that horrible war, in particular, to prepare and publish a big book album based on concrete historical documents.

Our youth must know about the feat of ancestors who have bravely fought against fascism. I am confident that all relevant organizations, scientists and creative intellectuals will actively participate in informing the forthcoming generation on the historical truth about the war, upbringing it in the spirit of patriotism and national pride.

Dear fellow countrymen!

Today in the capital city of Tashkent, in all regions and districts of the country – at the Remembrance Squares our people are paying a due respect to the memory of our compatriots who died in the war. They are holding warm and heartfelt meetings with veterans of war and labor, and giving them memorable gifts.

It is very important to us so that the elderly, dear fathers and mothers should have a sound health and be pleased with their lives. Since, their prayers are a blessing for the entire country.

In this regard, I would like to note that further strengthening of attention and care about the representatives of elder generation, bettering their social security, medical services, housing conditions and comprehensive support of elderly people will continue to remain at the focus of our attention.

Dear friends!

In this bright festive day we comprehend deeper how great is value of peaceful and free life, and clear skies above our Homeland.

In the current turbulent time, when the number of tension spots is on the rise in various regions of the world, the fight for peace becomes the most urgent task.

With this goal we are expanding comprehensive cooperation with the countries of near and far abroad. I think you are well-aware about the large-scale work being accomplished by us to consolidate the atmosphere of friendship and cooperation in the Central Asian region. In particular, our initiatives on peaceful settlement of conflict in the long-suffering Afghanistan, which has already been going on for almost 40 years, are being broadly endorsed by international community.

Certainly, peace and stability in our region depend on concerted efforts. From this point of view, it is very important to have aspirations of the Central Asian states to lift the relations of cooperation to a new level.

Along with this, it still is our main task to further strengthen independence of Homeland, protect inviolability of our borders, counter such threats as international terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking. We will continue to solidify the combat capability of our Armed Forces, develop cooperation with the countries of near and far abroad in the name of peace and security.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I want to express my respect to the representatives of diplomatic corps, our foreign guests present here and all of those who are rending a friendly support to Uzbekistan. On behalf of our people and on my own behalf I wish peace and prosperity of all countries and peoples.

Dear compatriots!

Time and again, I congratulate from the bottom of my heart all of you on the great holiday – the Remembrance and Honors Day. I wish you, your families, children and grandchildren a sound health, happiness and prosperity.

Let peace and tranquility always reign in our country!

Let skies over our Motherland be always clear!

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