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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Topical issues

31 August 2017

In memory of fighters for peace and prosperity

Independence, peace and progress. These great concepts are always mentioned together. The great successes that is achieved and being achieved by Uzbekistan, renewal of all spheres of our life, creative work, well-being of the population, peace and tranquility, harmoniously developed generation – many of our ancestors gave their lives in the name of independence that gave us these blessings! These days, on the eve of Independence Day, once again paying tribute to the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed themselves along this path is a human, civic duty of each of us.

“Shahidlar hotirasi” (“Memory of martyrs”) memorial complex, erected at the initiative of the First President of our country on the shore of Bozsu is a vivid manifestation of the great respect and honor of the memory of our compatriots who sacrificed their lives for the sake of people’s freedom and independence of the Motherland. It is always crowded, because this place not only keeps a memory of the victims of repression, but also calls on the young generation to cherish our sacred homeland, the country’s independence as an apple of the eye.

...August 31. Early morning. The sun rises above the dome of the symbolic mausoleum erected in memory of the victims of repression. Seeing this picture, people who came to the memorial complex, feel a sense of gratitude, they even more deeply understand their involvement in the fate of the Motherland.

In connection with the Day of remembrance of the victims of repression, a ceremony in memory of our compatriots who died for the freedom and independence of people was held in this complex.

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

A tribute was paid to the memory of victims of repression.

The President of our country talked with the heads of the Board of Uzbekistan Muslims, religious figures, makhalla activists and representatives of intelligentsia.

Remembrance of the victims of repression who dreamed of the present prosperous days, who sacrificed for this life, fills our hearts with light, strengthens our spirit. We are once again convinced that goodness and justice has triumphed, we are proud of success achieved in the years of independence, and the creative work carried out throughout the country, we are even more deeply aware of the importance of independence, free and prosperous life, which our ancestors dreamed of and which the present generation is honored.

The attitude to history in our country has changed radically due to independence. A large-scale work is being carried out on revival of national values, the good name of our scientists and saints, political leaders and generals, honoring their memory, remembering thousands of people who gave their lives for the sake of the freedom of the Motherland and people.

The memory of a man lives in his good and creative deeds. A vivid example of this is the life of educators of the early ХХ century, such as Bekhbudi, Munavvar qori, Fitrat, Chulpan, Kadiri, Botu, Elbek, Usmon Nosir and many others. Their dream of building a free homeland came true due to independence. Today, harmoniously developed young generation, who is not inferior to anyone, is being brought up in our free country.

Restoration and improvement of many historical monuments in our country is linked with the name and activities of our First President.

In particular, according to the Decree of the First President of our country “On establishment of the Day of remembrance of the victims of repression” of May 1, 2001, the “In memory of victims of repression” museum was built in “Shahidlar hotirasi” memorial complex.

The museum was solemnly opened on August 31, 2002, when the Day of remembrance of the victims of repression was celebrated in our country for the first time.

The President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the exhibits of the museum.

The struggle of our ancestors for peace and freedom of the Motherland is an example for today’s youth, said the head of our state. It is necessary to organize branches of the Museum of victims of repression in each region. It is advisable to open them at universities and institutes. It is also necessary to develop a special curriculum for schools dedicated to the victims of repression.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions to the officials on further improvement of the area around the Bozsu canal, which runs next to the museum.

The local atmosphere is a source of inspiration for creative people, so it would be good to hold various events on the territory adjoining Bozsu – makom (type of classical music) evenings, meetings of youth, representatives of the older generation and intelligentsia, said the President of our country.

As history shows, the place where the memorial complex and the museum are located, under the former system from the 1920s to the beginning of the Second World War, was the place of execution of the repressed. The executed ones were buried immediately, and the memorial complex unites these three burial places. The symbolic mausoleum serves as the center of the memorial, and the museum is the enlightenment center of the complex.

A nation that does not remember its history cannot comprehend the essence and significance of important life truth and has no future. The interests of people and the desire of ensuring prosperity of the Motherland lie at the heart of success achieved in the years of independence.

Most importantly – every citizen of our country becomes conscious and active participant in such responsible process as strengthening our independence. Undoubtedly, a brighter future is awaiting our people, who consider honoring the memory of their ancestors, ensuring peace and prosperity in the country, living with a sense of belonging to the fate of the Motherland as their duty. Therefore, our independence will be eternal.

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