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19 May 2016

His Music Will Live On

The concert celebrating the centenary of eminent composer and performer Mutal Burhonov at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan started to the tune of the National Anthem of Uzbekistan performed by the National Symphonic Orchestra and the Student Choir of the Conservatory.

The audience stood listening to the melody that each Uzbek citizen knows from childhood, discovering new twists of the powerful piece. This score alone vividly demonstrated the talent and originality of the composer credited with making a massive contribution to the development of Uzbek music.

“Mutal Burhonov did not live a simple life. His father, brother and uncle were subjected to repression as enemies of the nation and they died in 1937,” says prominent culture professional Ahmat Jabborov, a close friend of the composer’s. “When he was a student at Samarkand Institute of Music and Choreography, his remarkable skills were spotted by composer Nikolai Mironov, who then suggested that the young man continue his training at an Uzbek opera studio at Moscow Conservatory, which provided training in both composing and conducting. AT Moscow Conservatory, Burhonov along with other fellow countrymen mastered European music methods of expression. Thanks to good education and dedication to music, he reached heights and became the first Uzbek music professional to learn of genres such as a-capella choir singing and romance.”

Burhonov was one of the first to masterfully twist many Uzbek, Karakalpaki, Uighur, Kazakh, Afghan, Tajik and Iranian national songs for choir and solo performance. The national understood and embraced his music, which was incredibly melodic. He succeeded in finding pathways for the new development of Uzbek music and set the tone in music for many contemporary composers.

During World War Two, he joined the ranks of fighters but after sustaining injuries he returned to Tashkent in 1942 to engage in creative activities. He headed the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan for five years.

He enriched Uzbekistan’s cultural legacy – and the hearts of people – with major music pieces. Among them are the opera Alisher Navoi, requiem Eternal Memory, The Ode to Navoi, romances, film scores, ballads, pieces for symphonic orchestras, as well as singing and symphonic poems.

The concert at the State Conservatory treated the audience not only to Burhonov’s music but also works by Rustam Abdullayev and Mustafo Bafoyev dedicated to the composer. Burhonov’s 100th birth anniversary was marked in various parts of Uzbekistan. Music and art schools and art colleges hosted music nights celebrating the outstanding composer’s priceless legacy.

Author: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper
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