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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Topical issues

Activity of Uzbekistan in the field of international cooperation against drug trafficking

According to UNODC, 900 tons of opium and 375 tons of heroin is smuggled annually from Afghanistan. Market resulting from the production of the world's most pernicious drug is valued at 65 billion USD: there are 15 million addicts, it takes annually up to 100,000 lives, promotes an unprecedented high rates of HIV infection. In addition, it is a source of livelihood for criminal groups, insurgents and terrorists.

Abnormal, although it is well known that after 2006 opium production in Afghanistan exceeded its global consumption. Currently, around 12 000 tons of opium produced in Afghanistan stored somewhere in the world and this amount is sufficient to meet a two-year demand for the heroin worldwide.

In such circumstances, the State Commission for Drug Control together with the relevant ministries and organizations of the republic is paying an important attention on the continuation of complex measures to detect and prevent drug trafficking, to prevent drug addiction, to develop interagency cooperation and international cooperation in these areas.

In the framework of implementation international obligations adopted by Uzbekistan in the fight against drug trafficking, the State Commission for Drug Control Programme adopted comprehensive measures to counter drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Uzbekistan is continuing to take the measures to implement the international obligations in the field of drug control, fight against illicit trafficking and drug addiction.

Within the framework of the SCO Agreement on cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking Uzbekistan updated and sent to the SCO Secretariat details of the authorized and central competent structures of SCO members to distribute them among the member countries.

In terms of expanding cooperation with foreign partners, representatives of competent authorities of Armenia, Pakistan, USA, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey and the EU, OSCE, CARICC and UNODC visited Uzbekistan and conducted negotiations with appropriate ministries.

In accordance with existing agreements and in the framework of the signed agreements, Uzbekistan provided competent structures of Central Asia, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Iran, as well as UNODC, CARICC and OSCE with the materials on the drug situation and received appropriate information from them.

The prospects of cooperation with Afghanistan, Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, USA, Finland, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, the European Union and CIS in the field of countering drug trafficking.

In 2013, representatives of competent ministries visited UK and Austria in order to study the experience of these countries in the fight against drug trafficking. During the visit a further deepening of bilateral cooperation has also been discussed.

In terms of strengthening the material and technical base and human capacities of ministries and departments involved in the fight against drug trafficking and to boost regional cooperation in this field, Uzbekistan participates in 9 international projects.

28 trainings and courses to secure the participation of 280 representatives from law enforcement and other relevant ministries and organizations of the republic have been counducted.

Under these projects a number of organizational and practical activities hold, during which ministries and relevant organizations were equipped with technical means of verification and inspection, computers. 

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