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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Topical issues

International Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation

With its rich historical, cultural and spiritual heritage, Uzbekistan attaches great importance to developing and strengthening bilateral cooperation with foreign countries in the field of culture. International cooperation in this field covers such areas as culture, arts, education, science, tourism, medicine, sport etc.

Many programs of bilateral cultural, scientific, technical and humanitarian cooperation are carried out on the basis of relevant intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements. In their framework representatives of Uzbekistan frequently take part in major international exhibitions, fairs, festivals, competitions, conferences and forums.

Every year Uzbekistan hosts such international cultural activities as “Sharq taronalari” (Melodies of Orient) Music Festival, Festival of Traditional Culture “Asrlar sadosi” (The Echo of Ages), Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tashkent International Photo Biennale, International Theatre Festival “Theatre.UZ”, Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Guepard”.

To acquaint international community with a rich history, culture and traditions of Uzbekistan, on a regular basis Cultural Days and Weeks of Uzbekistan are being held abroad.

Uzbekistan is an attractive tourist destination. The country has over 4000 architectural and art monuments of different epochs and civilizations, some of which are in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Sites list.

According to the National Company “Uzbektourism”, in 2011 more than one million people visited Uzbekistan, 431.5 thousand of them were organized foreign tourists.

Taking into consideration significant growth potential of this sector, the state pays special attention to learning international experience on development of tourism. Moreover, extensive work is conducted for modernization of tourism infrastructure and improvement of service quality.

Aiming to promote tourism potential of Uzbekistan and increase foreign tourists flow into the country National company “Uzbektourism” jointly with the MFA and its diplomatic missions abroad have been organizing special familiarization trips - «mega-info-tours» for foreign travel agencies, tour managers and mass media specialists. This project scheduled for 2011-2015 (between March and June 15-30, August and November 1-15) is carried out in order to illustrate attractive historic, cultural facilities and different tourism opportunities of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan also emphasizes developing international cooperation in the field of sport and ensuring successful participation of its athletes in international competitions and tournaments. Each year, many new athletes join the ranks of national sportsmen, win and hold strong positions in international arena. In the years of independent development representatives of Uzbekistan have won hundreds of awards at the Olympic Games, Asian Championships and Cups, Asian Games and other major international competitions.

Today, national sport federations have membership in international sport federations on more than 30 sports disciplines, giving them the right to participate in international competitions at various levels.

Particular attention is given to the development and promotion of the Uzbek national martial arts - Kurash abroad. International Kurash Association (IKA) strives for including this sport in the official competition program of Olympic Games.

Currently there are national Kurash federations in 117 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America.

At present, up to 15 world Kurash championships and more than 300 international tournaments were held in various countries. Kurash was recognized as an official sport of the Asian and All African Games.

In addition, another most popular sport –football- has a great potential for growth in Uzbekistan. National football team of Uzbekistan took 4th place at the Asian Cup in January 2011 in Doha (Qatar).

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